1. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and recently gave in to the smell of bacon.

2. My mum lived in France too. She vowed she'd bring her kids up as bilingual. Things would have been a lot easier for me recently had she followed through with her plan.

3. I have a blankie and it's pink and I love it. So there.

4. Some say I'm gullible, I like to say I'm trusting.

5. Sometimes I wish it was acceptable for a girl of my age to play with Barbies.

6. I got addicted to Vicks Sinex nasal spray.

7. And Tetris.

8. And Werthers Originals.

9. I have an addictive personality.

10. When I was less than a year old I had the worst case of chicken pox in Britain. A fact I'm rather proud of.

11. I live in my own little world. It's nice here; pink, fluffy, little bunny rabbits and lots of lolli pops.

12. When I was 16 I paid over 150 quid to be on a modelling agency's books for three years...I never got any jobs.

13. A friend of mine also paid to get on their books. She didn't get any jobs either.

14. I'm an obese girl in an average sized body - just an imposter.

15. No matter how hard I try not to be, I'm a very envious person. I hate it.

16. The only time I smoked a bong I fell down the toilet. Sat on the loo, passed out, and woke up with my legs in the air and my bum stuck in the pan. I should add, I was wearing trousers.

17. I love Irn Bru; Scotland's other national drink.

18. I have never, ever farted in front of my boyfriend. I have eight piercings.

19. but I do burp in front of him. All the time.

20. I failed maths at school and I don't care.

21. I love bread and I could eat a whole loaf in one day. If I wanted to.

22. Sometimes I talk to an imaginary audience while in my kitchen cooking, pretending that I am presenting a cookery programme.

23. I can't allow myself to watch scary films because my imagination is so vivid that late at night I imagine all the scary things in the movie happening to me.

24. I feel like I worry so much that I have to worry about getting an ulcer from worrying so much.